Thirty Rotarians and Guest Speaker Bruce Raymond were in attendance.
Bruce getting presented with a certificate of appreciation by Kathy Heindrich along with President Mark Smeaton
Thirty Rotarians and Guest Speaker Bruce Raymond were in attendance.
Sergeant Barry Stewart called the meeting to order and read the Acknowledgement using the PA system generously provided by Mark Forgie.  This will used until Nixon’s installs the permanent one.
Geoff Benier proposed the toast and the Rotary Grace was delivered by President Mark.
Meeting number 3035 was officially opened by Chairperson Kathy Heinrich who welcomed Rotarians and Guest Speaker Bruce Raymond.
Kathy, Kevin Clarke and Ian Sanders were first time attendees at our new venue.  Apologies were received from Stan Roulston and Julie Tekell.
Wheel winners were Kim Potger and Mark Forgie.
Sergeant-at-Arms Dr Barry Stewart’s session rivalled Dr Hawley Crippen’s performance when he gave his infamous protestation of innocence.  Members gave a stirring rendition of “Happy Birthday” to Julie Smeaton via Facetime, with only one or two struggling with the words.  
In introducing Guest Speaker Bruce Raymond, Kathy Heinrich said, “Bruce is regarded as one of the most successful musical directors in Australia, having led school and community bands to win an impressive list of state and national titles, including many with the Trinity College, where he was Director of Bands from 2007 until his retirement in 2019; Kensington and Norwood Brass, which he conducted from 1982-2011, and now Tanunda Town Band”
 Bruce began by telling the story of the surprise phone call informing him that he had been awarded an order of Australia medal which is given in recognition of outstanding service. Whilst Bruce was very surprised to receive the award but he’s also very honoured and proud to have received it.
The design of the Medal of the Order of Australia is a badge with a gold-plated silver insignia of the Order in the centre. The central insignia is inscribed with the word ‘Australia’ in gold capital letters. The circle also contains two gold sprigs of mimosa. The insignia is ensigned with the Crown of St Edward.
The medal is hung from the ribbon of the Order. It is royal blue with a central band of mimosa blossoms.
Bruce told how he grew up in a Salvation Army family and so learned at an early age about supporting and empowering people.  His family, as with most Salvo Families was very musical and he was surrounded by brass instruments all of his childhood.
He also developed a great love of sport, particularly real (i.e. Australian Rules) Football and was mentored by the great John Halbert.  He played league football for Sturt football club.  During this time he suffered a terrible tragedy when his wife who had just dropped him off to football training was killed in a car accident.  Bruce received wonderful support from the Sturt football club and this enabled him to move on.  
Bruce’s musical ability developed along with his skills as a footballer and although he had no teaching qualifications at the time he was recruited to the South Australian Education Department’s Music Branch.
There, he did a great deal of work with children with learning disabilities and developed a way of reading and writing music using colours. He spent several years as head of the South Australian education departments’ music branch and loved touring around South Australia with the music branches band.
He spent several years working for SA Great and during that time often travelled to Tasmania where he worked with students from all over the island.  At that time Tasmania was very parochial and he was able to bring children from all over the island together in harmony.
Bruce spent over 30 years with the Kensington in Norwood brass band. During that time the band won many awards and many accolades throughout Australia and overseas. Bruce’s next move was to Trinity College where he was Director of Bands from 2007 to 2019.  He retired at the age of 72 Last year. Bruce has also been involved with the Gawler town and band and mentored current director Connor Roach. He is currently involved with the Tanunda Town Band.
In thanking Bruce, Kathy presented him with a Certificate of Thanks and informed him that a gift enabling 45 children to be immunised against polio will be made to End Polio Now.