The Glimpses of Gawler books are down memory lane publications comprising old photographs of scenes, people and events of bygone days in Gawler and the surrounding district. The first volume was published in 1998 and proved very popular, with the result that a second volume has been compiled of similar content.

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The concept behind the Glimpses of Gawler books is for hidden treasures that lie dormant in humble family albums, cluttered scrapbooks and dusty shoeboxes to again see the light of day and be presented in a casual form whereby common touch history can be more readily looked at than be read about…

In his forward to Volume 2 of “The Glimpses of Gawler“, a well known author and journalist Max Fatchen AM wrote:

……. we live in the busy present, we look with hope to the progress of the future but it is wise to remember the past laid the foundation of our lifestyle. So turn these pages and carefully examine the pictures and be aware of where the town has come from and all the people who have helped to make it what it is – Gawler, a unique and memorable South Australian town and a place where I have always felt at home.