BULLETIN 25 August 2019 

District Governor: Jane Owens
Club President: Steve Barilla
Club Secretary: Marie-louise Lees (
“Together we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change -
across the globe, in our communities and in our lives.”
Forward Programme
Monday 26th August 2019 – Meeting 3008
Guest Speaker
PP Lance Hatcher
Amendments to Club By-Laws
PP Davie Griffiths
Toast Mark Smeaton
Fellowship Marie-louise Lees
Plaques Stan Roulston
Induction Anniversary  Kathy Heinrich 27 August 2012
Birthdays  David Tekell 30 August
Monday 2nd September 2019 - Meeting 3009
Guest Speaker
Shenae Osman and Natalea Jenkin
Kick Start For Kids-Gawler & District College-Rotary Proposed Reading and Mentoring Programme
Chair Marie-louise Lees
Monday 9th September 2019 - Meeting 3010
Committee Meetings
Love grows best when watered daily with kind words.
Just remember when you’re over the hill you begin to pick up speed.
Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness
When I smile the world smiles with me. but when I laugh everybody thinks I’m mad.
Worry doesn’t help tomorrow’s troubles but it does ruin today’s happiness.
Meetings, unless otherwise noted are 6 for 6:30pm at Gawler Sport and Recreation Centre,
Nixon Terrace Gawler. RSVP by 10am Monday morning by SMS only to 0437 759 256
Gawler & Barossa Jockey Club Gate: 4 Sep, 18 Sep, 7 Oct, 25 Oct, 7 Nov
Gawler Car Club Swap Meet Catering Sunday 22 September
DIK Working Bee 19 October
Rotary Clubs of Gawler Village Fair 2 November
District Conference - 3-5 April 2020, Whyalla.  Earlybird Packages close 1 Dec. 
Proposed Change: “That the Rotary Club of Gawler Inc adds Corporate Membership and Family Membership to the types of memberships offered.”
This motion will be discussed and voted on by Rotarians at the August 26th meeting.

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Gawler Show Car Parking
Thanks to all members who braved the cold to assist with car parking on Saturday and Sunday of the show.  Whilst not quite as busy as last year, the management of parking horse floats and cars in the undulating terrain of Henry Chenoweth Reserve provided the teams with plenty to keep them occupied.
Meeting Report Monday 19th August 2019 Meeting 3006
The Meeting was opened by Chair for the night Angela Moore who welcomed partners and Guests, Marj Ahrens, Grace Barilla Mike Johnson, Rhea Wells and Helen Bourne.
Rotary Spots      
  • PP Mike Williams advised members that PP Bruce Eastick was still in Gawler Health Services and is welcoming any visitors. It is anticipated that Bruce will spend some time in respite care.
  • Mike also advised that Kevin Clarke had undergone his surgery and depending on some results expected to be discharged today or tomorrow.
  • PP Patsy advised members that the collection box for used stamps was is use again this year with stamps being sent off more regularly.
  • PP Bob Ahrens advised members that the stage had been removed from the Recreation Centre under the direction of Mark Smeaton with it currently being stored at the Shea-oak Log Museum. Bob reported that the stage and mechanical lift was in good condition and could possibly be sold as a complete unit or separately.
  • PP Wayne Murphy displayed a copy of the program for the next couple of months.
President Steve advised members there would be a Board Meeting tonight at his works premises. He also reminded members of the roster for show parking this weekend and of all the events the club will be involved during the next few months.
The Sergeant-at-Arms session was conducted by PP Barry Stewart where he relayed the Bunyip roundup, then informed members of PP Ian Sanders long-standing involvement with the Royal Adelaide Show and then told how Stan Roulston is quietly involved in many committees and other organizations within the Gawler community.  PP Mike Williams also “confessed” his experience after last Monday’s meeting where he was pulled over by the breathalyser just over the Willaston bridge. His initial reading showed 0.05, however after 15 mins the reading was zero which allowed him to breath again.  It is a reminder to all members of the effect alcohol can have as Mike had only had one drink.
Mike was introduced by Chairman Angela  with the topic of Waste Management.
Mike advised members he had attended High School in Elizabeth in the 1970's. He left school at the age of 15 going straight into the work force. 15 years later at the age of 30 he returned to school to finish his studies. Mike started in the Sales Industry selling overalls, then moved into Waste Management. After years in sales Mike moved into a management position within Pacific Waste. The next move was to Resource Co as General Manager where he stayed for 13 years before spreading his wings into his own business.
Domestic waste management in Australia provides for 3 categories which includes, general, green and recycling. While in many countries, green can cover paper, plastic and metal. His system has households sorting the waste and not the waste business. Mike predominately spoke of waste management related to skip bins. Most skip bins are emptied into land fill with Mike being involved with the development of MRF which is a sorting process for recycling. The Willaston location predominantly receives waste from businesses. A video was shown of the plant and each step explained. The benefits of recycling reduces land fill and provides for the recycling of by-products to be on-sold. Brick waste is crushed and on-sold to plumbers and landscaping contractors or businesses for water drainage. Domestic waste within the Northern suburbs is managed by NAWMA which is a joint council initiative. Green waste has multiple purposes where the gases are used to produce electricity and then for the mulch, and soil improvers. Mike explained that South Australia has 2 of the best green recyclers in Australia with business from interstate at this stage not up to industry standards. Mike is a very passionate man concerned about the management of waste, and the benefits of recycling. With people like Mike, Australia will be moving in the right direction for long term living.
Three things to govern - temper, tongue and conduct
Three things to cultivate- courage, affection and gentleness
Three things to commend -thrift, industry and promptness
Three things to despise - cruelty, arrogance and intolerance
Three things to wish for- health, friends and contentment
Three things to work for -security, independence and happiness
Three things to admire -dignity, gracefulness and honesty
Three things to - give aid to the needy, comfort to the sad and appreciation to the worthy
How many of these attributes do you recognize as those making you a true and dedicated Rotarian?
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