BULLETIN 30 June 2019 

Monday 1st July 2019 – Meeting 3000 President’s Changeover
Guest Speaker
Past Member Hon Neil Andrew AO
Rotary Club of Gawler – Achievements
PP Lance Hatcher
PP Bruce Eastick
Fellowship Committee
Fellowship Committee
4th July 2012 Bob Ahola
6th July 1970 Dean Sims
3rd July John Dawkins
3rd July PP Barry Stewart
4th July PP Mike Johnson
Monday 8th July 2019 – Meeting 3001
Guest Speaker
President Steve Barilla
My Rotary Year
Kathy Heinrich
PP Dave Griffiths
Angela Moore
Mark Forgie
Monday 15th July 2019 – Meeting 3002
Guest Speaker
No Guest Speaker
Committee Meetings
Michael Jacob
PP Mike Williams
Tony Fotheringham
Meetings, unless otherwise noted are 6 for 6:30pm at Gawler Sport and Recreation Centre,
Nixon Terrace Gawler. RSVP by 10am Monday morning by SMS only to 0437 759 256
3 July, 13 July  Gawler & Barossa Jockey Club Gate
In Search of Safety - 31st July, 7pm, Gawler Rotary Room, Gawler Sport & Community Centre.  In Conjunction with Red Cross. 
“A secret is something you tell everyone not to tell anyone else."
“When politicians see wording on the wall, they whitewash it.”
“If you must get up early make sure you are a bird and not a worm.”
“The worst part about paying as you go is you never seem to get anywhere.”
“Look backward with gratitude and forward with confidence.”
Dear fellow Rotarians and members of the family of Rotary
I love to travel. I even enjoy the mundane process of getting from here to there. But last year, my wife, Gay and, I had one of those experiences that would strain the optimism of even the most cheerful traveller. We found ourselves with six hours to wait, at an airport where we were not scheduled to be, on a day we had not planned still to be travelling, having woken up that morning at a hotel unknown to us the night before. It was one of those days.
As we waited at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City, Gay and I took a walk to people watch. We went from one end of the terminal to the other and back, looking at every gate, every destination, every group of people waiting for their flights.
Each gate was its own island of humanity. When we walked down the centre of the concourse, we were in New York, moving along with everyone in one river. But when you veered off into those seats, you left that current and landed on an island. You were already in Delhi or Paris or Tel Aviv.
As we started our walk, I thought; “All these different people, all these different countries, all in one place. This is like Rotary!” But as we walked past gate after gate, I realized something. It was not like Rotary at all because everyone in that river was heading for an island. And every island stayed an island. The people heading to Taipei might be talking to one another, but they were not talking to the people heading to Cairo or Lagos.
Contrast that with Rotary. Rotary allows us to connect with one another in deep and meaningful ways across our differences. It connects us with people we would never otherwise have met, who are more like us than we ever could have known. It connects us with our communities, to professional opportunities, and in the people who need our help.
Connection is what makes the experience of Rotary so very different from walking along that concourse at JFK Airport. In Rotary none of us is an island, we are in Rotary together, wherever and whoever we are. We are all connected as part of our communities and members not only of clubs but the global community of which we all belong.
This connection is what lies at the heart of Rotary. It is what brings us to Rotary. It is why we stay. Please join your fellow Rotarians on this journey as ROTARY CONNECTS THE WORLD.
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“Together we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change - across the globe, in our communities and in our lives.”


Rotary Communications

Rotary Club of Gawler Annual Report

Rotary Club of Gawler Meeting Programme

Monday 24th 2019 Meeting 2999
A special night in that Guest Speaker Vice President Steve Barilla had requested that no non-Rotarians be invited so that “in house” discussion can take place relative to members approach to subject matter and meeting procedure could be discussed.
Chairman for the Night PP Brian Burt announced RYLA/RYPEN Programmes would receive the fines money.
Almoner PP Mike Williams advised that former member Jan Meldrum had had difficulty extracting plants from the garden which resulted in him falling backwards and hitting his head on the ground. He is currently recovering in hospital.
PP Patsy Johnson asked for all available stamps for dispatching in the next 10 days.
Sergeant-at-Arms PP Barry Stewart assisted by a number of members kept members entertained with the Fines session which continued for some time.
President Elect Steve Barilla then requested all members present to enter into frank and open discussion on what our Rotary Club should consider for its future.
A considerable time was spent discussing the fact that not withstanding a number of attempts and approaches to individual members for one to accept nomination to the President Elect position there has been no success at this stage in obtaining a nomination.
Should we have two 6 months Presidents? Or what other alternative approach could be considered? Discussion then turned to what do Rotary International Rules permit.
Open discussion continued for some time before the meeting concluded with members acknowledging that the issues will need to be addressed early in the new Rotary Year. Other issues raised were the following.
  • Aging members have new demands.
  • Health issues can alter the earlier abilities of members.
  • Are there new approaches to membership to be considered?
  • What can be learnt from action or actions taken by other clubs for circumstances affecting all clubs and not just the Gawler club.
  • Do Committee Structures need to change?
  • All options need consideration in the interest of the Club’s future
Post meeting thoughts – by Bruce Eastick
The range of views forth coming on the night will I am sure exercise the minds of all in the days ahead. It would be expected that if the issue was considered again in say three weeks further suggestions / views / answers will be forth coming and added to by the number of members including Past Presidents absent on the night. Hopefully this will all help map a course to provide Steve some answers. If you were not at the meeting but have any comments for Steve please pass them on.
The following is an article from a past Gawler Rotary bulletin editor written over forty years ago and is still relevant in today’s rotary world
We Rotarians are sometimes inclined to look backward too much; to rest on our laurels; to continually dwell on the glories of past achievements. It may be alright to sometimes glance backwards as a guide to future plans, but we should be ever mindful of the fact that the world wide organization of Rotary must always be looking to the future, making plans and putting those plans into action.
How can we do this? By always keeping in mind the purpose and object of Rotary and by forming our plans along the four avenues of service.
Do everything you can to make your Club a success, good attendance, help on programs, serve on committees, push the fellowship angle, friendship to new members and visitors, be ever on the lookout for new members who will make good and forceful Rotarians, spread the Rotary word and be an enthusiastic Rotarian within the community.
Be ever on the alert for means to serve your community. Actively support civic, educational, patriotic, philanthropic and religious organisations that have as their object the betterment of the community.
Practice high ethical standards, integrity and honesty in your business or profession. Apply the principle of “fair play” to your customers, your competitors, your boss or your employees.
By always extending the hand of friendship, tolerance and understanding to people of all lands whatever their beliefs may be and by trying to create peace and goodwill amongst all peoples.
By keeping these objects in mind and always trying to live up to these ideals, individual Rotarians will be playing their part in the future of Rotary.
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