BULLETIN 22 March 2020

Rotary International President: Mark Daniel Maloney
District Governor: Jane Owens
Club President: Steve Barilla
Club Secretary: Marie-louise Lees (
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Monday 23 March 2020
In light of the currently evolving situation with COVID-19 and our duty of care to members and the community, physical meetings of the Rotary Club of Gawler have been suspended until further notice.
The Board is working on ways for the Club to continue to communicate during this time and we will inform you of these as they mature.
The Club Bulletin with continue to be published each week.  If you would like to contribute to it please email
For up to date advice on the local situation refer to the SA Health Website 
For general information about planning for social isolation
please read this document which is adapted by
Brian Burt from information supplied in the UK.
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A message from President Steve and your Board
Although we are living in the most challenging times Rotary has experienced, we know that the people receiving this have been challenged many times during their lives and have always come up with solutions.
Mayor Karen Redman has asked Rotary to assist our community at his time of crisis and that is exactly what Rotary will do because that’s what Rotary and Rotarians have always done and will continue to do.
We are very conscious that we can’t do everything so we are suggesting that we concentrate on the vulnerable in our community and many of us, because of our age and health, fall into that category. 
Initial tasks:
  1. Identify the vulnerable
  2. Set up a register of  volunteer supporters
  3. Identify what support is needed
  4. Plan how to provide that support
Vulnerable people can include:
  • senior Australians especially those living alone
  • people with impaired intellectual or physical functioning
  • people from a low socio-economic background
  • people with poor English speaking skills
  • people with low levels of literacy/ education
Please let us know if you are willing and able to help and would like your name on the register.  Your level of involvement could be as simple as providing a list of vulnerable people you are aware of and sharing your ideas, but the skill sets of most of us go way past this.
Please respond to this request as soon as possible by email to
We hope to hear from you soon.
The conference in Whyalla will not proceed due to the current situation with

COVID-19, but stay tuned for further information regarding the

2020 Virtual Conference

Zone 8 Conference - Alice Springs Sept 2020 - Cancelled
International Rotary Convention in Hawaii - Cancelled

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Monday 16 March 2020 – Meeting #3032

The meeting was opened with all welcomed including Grace Barilla, guest of President Steve; Sara DiLauro , Exchange Student; and Keith Weiner, Friends of Rotary.
President Steve outlined the process for voting on the subject of a venue change. Some members have already cast their vote via Survey Monkey or email. A handful of members collected voting slips at the meeting.
PP Kim Potger reported his attendance at the recent Lego exposition at Oakbank. He thought it was an amazing display and urged the club to make an effort to attend next year. He suggested it had more to offer adults than children.
Guest speaker for the evening was to be PP Marie-Louise Lees with an address on the Rotary Foundation. Unfortunately she was called away to an urgent meeting at the District level and was unable to attend our meeting. Her talk will be scheduled for another time.
President Steve spoke to the club regarding the COVID 19 pandemic and displayed information regarding the outbreak in SA and the recommendations from all levels related to protection and contact avoidance. At this time it was not considered necessary to suspend our Rotary meetings but the situation was changing by the hour and the members will be kept informed of any developments.
The facts and figures presented suggest the situation will worsen with time and members were urged to pay heed to official information and continue to follow health recommendations.
Venue vote:  the members elected to pursue a venue change with 34 votes cast and a clear majority of members voting to move to the Nixons venue.
President Steve passed on the following information for the members :
The Whyalla conference has been cancelled due to the COVID 19 pandemic
The Youth Exchange Rock and Reef tour may be cancelled – more information as it comes to us
Volunteers are not needed for the Relay for Life event (event cancelled)
Gawler and Barossa Jockey Club meetings coming up – will probably not need gatekeepers as they will be spectator free.
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