Youth Development Officer

Our Guest Speaker was Ebony Steadman
who has been the Youth Development Officer for the Town of Gawler for about six years.  Ebony talked about her role and gave a comprehensive review of the Town of Gawler Youth Summit which involved all Gawler Schools.  Through the summit, young people were able to put forward their views, concerns and needs.  Issues included lack of communication skills and life skills e.g. opening a bank account, getting a credit card, budgeting and dealing with matters such as voting at elections.  The big issue was the availability of Gawler based services.  (It is worth noting that every Gawler Rotarian has a wealth of knowledge and experience which could be invaluable to young people.) 
Ebony thanked Gawler and Gawler Light Rotary for their support of Gawler Youth Week.  (It is interesting to note that the two Rotary Clubs donated twice the amount provided by the State Government.)  Despite some challenging weather for the outdoor movie event, Youth Week was a great success.  Thank you Ebony.