An Invitation

The Rotary Club of Gawler
Invites you to:
Birthing Kits Assembly Evening
Around 300 000 women and 3 million newborns die each year from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. Most of these deaths occur in developing countries. To help address this the ‘Birthing Kit Foundation’ provides opportunities for Australian volunteers to engage in the assembly of Birthing Kits. The kits enable vulnerable women access to a clean and safer birthing environment.
There is evidence from around the world demonstrating that these kits prevent childbirth-related infections and also act to improve health outcomes for mothers and babies by removing barriers and supporting mothers to access health services.
The Rotary Club of Gawler has sponsored the purchase of birthing kits and we invite you to work with us to put them together, so they can be distributed across the World.
You are welcome to arrive around 6:45, and we will begin the kit assembly 7pm.
Sandy Nicholson from Gawler Zonta is supporting the Rotary Club of Gawler in organising the kit assembly process.
Where:           Gawler Rotary Room, Gawler Sports and Recreation Centre, Nixon Terrace, Gawler
      When:             Wednesday 22nd May 2019 - 6:45 for a 7pm start.
When we have completed the kits, there will be tea/coffee and a light supper provided.
Please contact Jacqui if you have any queries/questions:
More information about the Birthing Kit Foundation can be viewed at this weblink: