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District Governor: Jane Owens
Club President: Steve Barilla
Club Secretary: Marie-louise Lees (
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Forward Programme
Monday 9th September 2019 - Meeting 3010
Committee Meetings
Chair / Toast
PP Tony Atyeo
Fellowship / Plaques PP Ron Lloyd
Birthdays Grace Barilla and Graham Lees, 11th September
Monday 16th September 2019 - Meeting 3011
Guest Speaker
Angela Moore
Subject Autobiography
Chairman / Toast PP Kim Potger
Fellowship / Plaques Michael Jacob
Monday 23rd September 2019 - Meeting 3012
Guest Speaker
Peter Randell
Come Fly With Me
Chairman / Toast PP Brian Burt
Fellowship / Plaques PP Colin Bazeley
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Meetings, unless otherwise noted are 6 for 6:30pm at Gawler Sport and Recreation Centre,
Nixon Terrace Gawler. RSVP by 10am Monday morning by SMS only to 0437 759 256
Gawler & Barossa Jockey Club Gate:  18 Sep, 7 Oct, 25 Oct, 7 Nov
Gawler Car Club Swap Meet Catering Sunday 22 September
DIK Working Bee 19 October
Rotary Clubs of Gawler Village Fair 2 November
District Conference - 3-5 April 2020, Whyalla.  Earlybird Packages close 1 Dec. 

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Gawler Council Youth Events - Skill Development and Social and Fun
Meeting Report Monday 2nd September 2019 Meeting 3009
The Meeting was officially opened by Chairperson PP Marie-louise Lees who welcomed DGE David Jones, his wife Lyn Jones, visiting Rotarian David Weatherley and wife  Lindsay from Gawler Light, Guest Speakers Shenae Oaman and Natalea Jenkin and Kerryl Dale.
DGE David addressed members regarding positions on District Committees. Being the first year of the combined District DGE David is asking all members interested in positions on District Committees to put in their expression of interest.
PP Colin Bazeley advised members that changes had been made to the Child Protection Policy resulting in less people requiring Police clearances. Those requiring the checks will be notified.
PP Ron Lloyd advised members a roster will be circulated to work on the Swap Meet on the 22nd September.
Mark Smeaton advised members the date for the Coopers Vocational visit has been changed due to the needs of Coopers. The new date will be confirmed soon. Members were requested to indicate their interest to determine possible numbers to assist with organising the bus.
Fines for this week will be directed to Rotary Foundation.
Sergeant’s session was conducted by PP Barry Stewart who completed the roundup of local newspapers. Members were then invited to share their Fathers Day experiences.
PP Marie–louise then introduced Shenae Osman, Northern Co-Coordinator for Schools and Volunteers for Kick Start for Kids and Natalea Jenkin, Student Wellbeing Co-Coordinator at Gawler and Districts College.
KICK Start For Kids is a Not for Profit charity in South Australia which helps disadvantaged school children.  There are several programs available, those being Breakfast Program, Reading and Mentoring Program, and Camp Kick Start. The focus tonight was on the Reading Mentor Program.
Currently only 18% of school children at Gawler and District College are reading daily at home. As a result many school children are behind in their reading ability. To participate in the Reading Mentor Program volunteers require no experience or qualification as all training and screening is provided by Kick Start For Kids.
Identified students spend time with the Mentors reading books generally that they have selected. Students have a reading log detailing their current focus of goals with students working on one goal at a time. Many students involved in the program come from disadvantaged homes where adult communication and relationship are lacking. The program provides children with the much needed reading practice, but with the added benefits of communication skills, and knowing someone cares and taking an interest in them.
Relationships are developed between students and mentors, which again, in some situations is more than what the student gets at home.
With my observations, I think this is a reading program in name but it is delivering much more than reading. Communicating verbally, confidence building, and enthusiasm in the world around them is all part of making these young people more able to cope with the adult world.
PP Marie-louise shared some of her experiences stating it would be more beneficial if sessions were available daily for students. Marie-louise experienced enjoyment just seeing the children’s development to grow and that the children seemed to genuinely enjoy the interaction with adults.
Marie-louise can see benefits of the club developing a relationship with the school and hopefully extending this opportunity to the Gawler Light Club.
All members were given a copy of information regarding Kick Start For Kids and it is worth reading. In a world where often both  parents work, children get themselves to school and teachers are expected to do all the educating, and some children do get left behind.
Kick Start For Kids is not for profit and is aimed for those children who could be missing out in some areas whether it be a substantial breakfast or lunch, mentoring for reading problems and vacation care programs.
In a world where help is needed for children who may be missing out at home this is a worthwhile program that helps them prepare for adulthood at no cost to them and delivered where needed.
The Meeting was closed by President Steve.
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