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Welcome to our new weekly bulletin! Find out who our upcoming speakers are, what we covered during the last weekly meeting and other stories as they become available.

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Meeting Report 3136 November 7th, 2022
Apologies for the evening:
Helen Rapp-Bourne, Julie Tekell, Bob Ahrens, Patsy Johnson, Tom Kelly,
John Lyons, Wayne Murphy, Mark Forgie, Michael Jacob.
Guest Speaker -Madison Williams, Sally Richardson, Jeremy Williams
This evenings Formalities:
Deb Williams
Madison Williams
PP Mike Williams
PP Mike Williams officially opened meeting 3136 and welcomed Members and Guests to the meeting then called for members and director spots.
PP Brian Burt  asked if anyone would like to attend the Awards presentation and GDC with him and Dave. Brian said that they have been going for many years and it would be nice to have someone to take over. Angela Volunteered to attend as the Director of Youth.
Brian also announced that this meeting would be his last for the year as he had other family commitments, He is still looking for a volunteer to take over the responsibility for the Bunyip reports and photo’s.
PP Steve Barilla
Steve thanked everyone for a very successful Village fair. He especially wanted to make mention of a small team who were the driving force behind it and helped him organise this year’s event- PP Mike Williams, Michael Jacob, PP Colin Bazeley and PP Mark Smeaton.
A huge thank you also to Rotary Club of Gawler Light for taking over the organisation of the Art Show in particular, Gawler Council for providing the venue, some publicity and making communication so easy.
The food stalls were a big hit and suggest we do this again next year. One of the comments from visitors was the lack of food available.
On the down-side the energy by the end was a bit low with people tired after setting up and then helping all day then having to pack up. We need to look at alternatives to find assistance eg, CFS, MFS etc to help with erecting and/or taking things down. We also need to look at grants available for advertising because that took a fair chunk to put it in the Advertiser and the Leader.  
PP colin Bazeley
Colin has been in touch with the new owners of Gawler Cinema to organise the annual Rotary Foundation Movie screening. A show of hands indicated that members would support it and Gawler Light are keen to make it a joint event. Colin will get back to members next week when he has had confirmation that we can host it.
PP Mark Smeaton
Mark said that there has been a disappointing take up of the invitation to the Air Op sponsors day on the 27th. Please RSVP to Tony if you can attend. CFS have worked on 30 people attending and so far it is just over half that number.
Please think about suggestions for vocational visits and let Mark know. It can be a social evening or a visit to a business.
PP Mike invited members and guests to enjoy fellowship over dinner before introducing Barry for his sergeant session.
PP Barry showed lots of photos from the weekend of Rotarians working together and having fun at the Village fair.
The wheel winners were Steve Barilla, Geoff Bennier (Chocolates) and Beth Hudman who won a set of Ramekins and some lemons so it was suggested she could make lemon meringue pies!
PP Mike reported that Ian Sanders and his ‘crew’ attended his place to collect some scrap from the recent renovations and traded it for $145 which Mike has donated to Rotary projects.
Mike then introduced our guest speaker, his granddaughter Madison to talk about her recent trip on the One and All Youth Sailing Challenge.
Madison was clearly very enthusiastic and appreciative of the sponsorship Gawler Rotary gave her to attend.
Madison said she first saw information about the trip in a school newsletter and thought it would be perfect for her friend who loves everything about the sea. While her friend appreciated it she reminded Madison that she suffers from horrendous sea-sickness and Madison would probably enjoy it more.
Madison then started talking to family and friends about it including her cousin who had already taken part in an earlier voyage. Madison knew then that it was something she would like to do and asked her grandpa to help her with the process. She also got the support of her church and started to apply. When she got the confirmation to say Gawler Rotary would sponsor her she was ecstatic and ran around the house telling everyone!
Since her trip she inspired others to apply and would recommend anyone eligible to apply .
During the trip she met what she believes will be lifelong friends. Her watch set the standard for cleaning and polishing; they worked together to problem solve and generally looked out for each other. She said the trip had shown her she did have confidence to try new things, she learnt what her limits are and then ask for help. she learned to communicate, and problem solve. She learned she is kind, patient and resilient. Madison said it has changed her in a good way-she now appreciates waking up in her comfy bed -even though she misses the sound of the ocean, she is a much more confident public speaker and since the trip has volunteered to take a leadership role both at school and at her church. Madison said one of the things she took away was knowing that “She’ll be right.”
Since the trip Madison has also had the confidence to apply for and be accepted in a Christian Ministry VET course. Madison also gave up her time to help at the Village Fair where she made badges and spoke to several young people and their parents about opportunities for youth at Rotary -this was greatly appreciated.
After showing some photos of the trip members were given the opportunity for Q&A. President Kathy said that she had noticed a big change in Madison from watching her leave from the dock when Madison seemed so shy and a little bit unsure about it all to which Kathy yelled “you have got this Madison” to give a little bit of reassurance to now. In closing PP Mike was visibly proud of Madison. He echoed Kathy and said Madison had matured and grown so much over the trip and to see her standing there delivering her presentation with humour, and such articulation and confidence was wonderful.
After presenting Madison with her certificate, he announced that fines for tonight would go to Rotary Youth Projects. He then asked President Kathy to give her closing.
Pres Kathy echoed Steve and gave a massive thanks to everyone for Saturday. New dates for diary December 5th will be a quiz night with RC Gawler Light. Kathy asked for Volunteers to attend the Remembrance Day service in her absence-PP Leanne Clinch volunteered.
Kathy then officially closed meeting 3136 after the Four Way test.
Guest Speaker Madison Wiliams
Proud Grandpa and chairperson for the evening PP Mike Williams
This picture conveys the passion with which Madison spoke about her trip. 
Leanne, Harrison and Bob attended the Remembrance Day ceremony ob behalf of the Club
Bunyip Collages
Bunyip Collages
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Please... don't forget to RSVP for this event to assist Tony with catering.
Sunday 27th November.
Spoke to Tony at the Fair and there should be at least 2 live operational drills refuels and water bombings watering the grass at the strip.
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Region 2 Air Operations Brigade
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To: The Rotary Club of Gawler

In recognition of your support in the standing up of the Gawler Air Base, the Captain and members of the Brigade invite you to our Sponsors Day.

When:  27th November, 2022
Time: prompt 8.30 arrival safety briefing at 0845.
Where: Gawler Airstrip, 1 Ward Road, Gawler Belt.

Sponsors will receive a rundown of the days events and then listen in to the Working with Aircraft briefing  by Aviation staff. You will then be able to watch the assessment of members using an aircraft under operational conditions. The aircraft will carry out a number of air drops as part of the demonstration. (subject to Operational Needs, as the aircraft may be required for real!)
Short speeches will be made by key CFS  staff and this will be followed by a BBQ and drinks.
RSVP: 5th November
Tony Clark 0407486044 or
Sponsors who RSVP will then be sent a map and programme.
Playford Rotary Club Christmas quiz night fundraiser. 

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