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Welcome to our new weekly bulletin! Find out who our upcoming speakers are, what we covered during the last weekly meeting and other stories as they become available.

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Kathy Heinrich 
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Trevor Bellchambers
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Club Admin Beth Hudman Induction - Janet Done Gawler Show Raffle
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25th August 2022  Gavin Sidhu Dental project Update - Vine Inn Nuriootpa
18 Sept 2022  Gawler Car Club Swap Meet BBQ
12th October Area 6 Meeting Watershed Function Centre Mawson Lakes
5th Nov 2022 Rotary Clubs Village Fair
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Dean Sims
August 11
Bob Ahrens
August 14
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August 18
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August 12
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Tony Fotheringham
August 23, 2010
12 years
Kathy Heinrich
August 27, 2012
10 years
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Rotary meeting 3124
Meeting Report August 8th
Apologies for the evening:
Kathy Heinrich, Angela Moore, Ian Nys, Lance Hatcher, Steve Barilla,  Helen Rapp-Bourne , Julie Tekell,  Bob Ahrens, Patsy Johnson, Tom Kelly.
Janet Done – guest of John Lyons
Beth Hudman - to be inducted this evening.
Past President Mark Smeaton filled in for President Kathy who was in Darwin.  Mark also filled in as Chairman for the evening.  I am reliably informed by PP Brian that there is no truth in the rumour that he did the dishes, balanced the till, cleaned the toilets and locked up after everyone left!
Numbers were down again as a result of the cold weather and Covid, but the lack of quantity was made up by the improvement of quality with the members who were there and the return of Geoff Benier.
Almoner PP Mike Williams reported on the progress of several Rotarians who have been on the sick list and also passed on the sad news that former member David Heinrich had passed away.
PP Brian Burt reported that the Courtesy is Contagious stickers have arrived and that the project will be launched at a suitable time.  He also mentioned the decisions made by the Council on Legislation  and urged members to acquaint themselves with those decisions and the Pilot Programme.
Treasurer PP Kim Potger outlined the fee and subscriptions for this Rotary Year.  Despite the current inflation and rising costs, fee increases have been kept remarkably low.  (Those Rotarians who believe we should be paying more are welcome to add extra dollars to their dues when they pay them.) 
Janet Done from the Gawler Show Committee spoke about the raffle which offers many prizes including a new Toyota Yaris Cross GX car.  Several members availed themselves of the opportunity to purchase tickets.  If you missed out, please contact Janet who will happily sell you 1 ticket for $10, 2 for $20, 3 for $25, 8 for $50 or 20 for $100.
The highlight of the evening was the induction of Beth Hudman.  Beth was a popular and valued member several years ago and members are delighted to welcome her back.
Beth gave an outline or her interesting life including being a “child bride” in New Guinea.
The Guest Speaker for next Monday (August 15th ) is PDG Euan Miller whose topic is The Regionalisation Project.  Background information on this can be found in the attached files Creating Tomorrow and the report on the recent Council on Legislation published by the Rotary Club of Forest Grove, Oregon, USA. Members are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the files before the meeting. 


Newly inducted member Beth Hudman with PP Brian Burt and PP Mark Smeaton
Janet Done from Gawler Show Society selling Raffle tickets to members. 
PP Mark Smeaton with Beth Hudman. 
Rotary Club Of Forest Grove, Oregon
Report On The Rotary Council On Legislation: Representatives to the 2022 Council on Legislation voted overwhelmingly on their first day of sessions to add “equity and inclusion” to Rotary International bylaws, affirming the organization’s continued effort to be inclusive of all cultures, experiences, and identities, and to reflect the communities it serves.
The four-day conference, held in Chicago, Illinois, USA on 10-14 April, marked Rotary’s first successful attempt to host a hybrid international event since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. About 200 representatives represented Rotary districts around the world; about 60% attended in-person, and the rest participated via Zoom.
This year’s Council reviewed and voted on more than 90 enactments that would change RI’s constitutional documents. Among the highlights is the legislation that promotes diversity and builds a well-balanced Rotary membership.
Proposed by the Rotary Club of Annanagar Aadithya, India, (District 3232) the enactment passed by a vote of 420 to 56. Amended Rotary bylaws now state that “each club or Rotaract club shall endeavor to build a well-balanced membership that celebrates diversity, equity, and inclusion.” Rotary prohibits clubs from denying an individual membership due to gender, race, color, creed, national origin, or sexual orientation.
“We have now made growing and diversifying our membership a top internal organizational priority,” said Valarie Wafer, who chairs RI’s Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion task force.
“Feeling welcome and comfortable with fellow club members is the single greatest driver of member satisfaction, and retention,” Wafer maintained. “By adding equity, we are thoughtfully considering how to provide differing levels of support, opportunities, and resources so everyone can have a welcoming and valuable experience. Adding inclusion ensures that we focus on creating experiences in which all people are welcomed, respected, and valued.”
Club Administration Pilot: Duane Benton, a member of the Rotary Club of Kansas City and a federal judge, who co-chaired this year’s Council, characterized multiple items at this Council as part of Rotary’s continued commitment to improving club and organizational flexibility.
An enactment that generated vigorous discussion before passing by a vote of 324 to 150 would allow the RI Board to pilot a new regional governance structure for clubs and Rotarians.
The pilot will be limited to Rotary Great Britain and Ireland (RIBI) as well as clubs and districts in Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific for a duration of six years.
Cosponsors of the legislation – the RI Board and the Rotary Club of Merimbula (District 9705) in Australia, stated that the current regional governance structure, put in place over 70 years ago, has grown into a “significant hierarchy” with too many layers and roles.
“It is appropriate to modernize and consider new models that can enhance our efficiency, increase the ability of members to access support, and look at new ways to make volunteer positions more manageable and doable,” said Wafer, who spoke on behalf of the RI board.
Representatives who opposed the enactment argued that the plan for the pilot lacks specifics and could reduce the number of districts and put a district governor’s role at risk. One representative from District 3490 (Taiwan) expressed concern that the plan could alter the autonomous structure of Rotary clubs, leading to centralized governance and decreasing localized management.
Wafer, reassured Rotarians that the districts and the role of district governors will not be eliminated while the pilot is being implemented. Following a six-year experiment, she said if the findings indicate that the existing model needs to be reverted, the role of district governors will still exist.
“This is not to force fit a new governance structure,” Wafer added. “Rather, we try to work in partnership with districts to see what works and what doesn’t for a more sustainable future.”
Dues Increase: Representatives approved a dues increase for each of the next three years. Dues that clubs pay to RI per member are set at $35.50 per half year in 2022-23. Dues will increase to $37.50 per half year in 2023-24, $39.25 per half year in 2024-25, and US$41.50 per half year in 2025-26.
“The proposed dues adjustment is based on the most current forecasting information,” said RI Director Elizabeth Usovicz. She attributed the dues increase to lower membership, lower earnings, and fluctuating inflation. “The approval will now enable Rotary to respond quickly and compassionately to humanitarian needs.”
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Creating Tomorrow Regionalisation Project
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Creating Tomorrow Regionalisation Project

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