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Sheaoak Log Museum visit next week 4th April - Not at Nixons

Welcome to our new weekly bulletin! Find out who our upcoming speakers are, what we covered during the last weekly meeting and other stories as they become available.

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Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution Month
Gavin Sidhu
Uganda Dental Project
Wayne Murphy
Rick Drewer
Ricks Sporting Life
Julie Tekell
Lawn Bowls Night
Evening of Fun
Kathy Heinrich
John Lyons
Interesting Cases -Ian Nys Induction Ceremony
Mike Williams
Water and Sanitation Month
Wayne Murphy 
Sailing Experience - Anthea John Induction Ceremony
Leanne Clinch
Adelaide Cup Day
CFS Aero Drome
Vocational Visit - Meal at Clubroom beforehand
Anthony Barilla
Derick Winterbottom Round the Bend
Tom Kelly
Maternal and Child Health Month
Sheaoak Log Museum
Vocational Visit
Chris Edmunds
Rotary Yard Clean Up
Dinner at Club then to Rotary Yard
Geoff Benier
Easter Monday
Anzac Day Holiday
Youth Service Month
Member Autobiography
Member Autobiography
Rotary Fellowships Month
 Queen’s Birthday
Member Autobiography
Change Over Dinner
Nixon’s Function Centre

Presidents Message

Mark Smeaton
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Dear Rotarians 
Thanks everyone for your efforts in supporting the club with its fundraising ventures it is greatly appreciated and the more people volunteering the less stress it is on individuals. It also provides a wonderful opportunity to be visible in the community and usually provides some fellowship and fun for members while they do it. 
Quote of the week
" Many hand make light work" 
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Jan Meldrum
June 9
Bob Ahola
June 28
Spouse Birthdays
Sally Fotheringham
June 26
Join Date
Kim Potger
June 1, 1994
28 years
Anthony Barilla
June 3, 2020
2 years
Mark Forgie
June 5, 1989
33 years
Bob Ahrens
June 23, 1969
53 years
Trish Williams
June 24, 2013
9 years
Meeting Report
Meeting 3109 Monday 28th March 2022 the toast was given by Ian Nys and grace read by Mark Smeaton
Meeting 3109 was officially opened by chairperson Dave Griffiths
Dave welcomed members and special guests- Michele Nys – guest of Ian Nys; Derick Winterbottom – guest speaker; Shirley Halls-president Elizabeth Rotary Club
Apologies were received from Bob Ahrens, Kevin Clarke, John Lyons, Deb Williams, Mike Williams, Julie Tekell, Wayne Murphy, Patsy Johnson, Anthea, John, Dino Donati, Dan Berrett, Tom Kelly, Anthony Barilla
Dave then invited directors to come forward for their spots and make any announcements.
President-Elect Kathy Heindrich reminded her committee that there would be a quick meeting after the main meeting tonight.
Past Pres Steve Barilla Gave his thanks to members for volunteering over the past 3 days at the 4X4 and farm expo and the Bunnings BBQ. We cannot participate and benefit from events like this without people giving up their time and Steve acknowledged the long hours people put in not only during the events but preparing and packing them up. He then called for a couple more volunteers for the Relay for life even next weekend.
Colin B gave a quick update on the Caravan park upgrade. Unfortunately, the owners of the park missed out on a grant they had applied for but they still have another one they are applying for. They have completed the removal of the archway and the new front is coming along. The roadworks are starting soon and this is being done by Gawler Council.
President Mark reminded everyone that next week was the visit to  Sheoak Log Museum, Gawler Light Rotary club have been invited and it should be a great night. Meet at the Post office at 6:30 pm ready for the museum tour which will take approximately 40 minutes. We will then move to the Community Centre for a BBQ tea and some fellowship. Members and Guests will need to confirm their attendance by 10am Friday morning. NO latecomers can be accommodated. Book as normal but with no choice of meals.
Mark then gave a brief update on the Black Ops project. The new Labour Government has pledged $250K to the project. Which is great news.  
Members and guests enjoyed fellowship during the main meal before pp Dave asked Sergeant Barry to come forward to present his fines session. Wheel winners this week were Stan Roulston (who chose the chocolates) and Barry, who won the glass he donated so he gave it to Bob Hinderwell to make a pair with the single one he won previously.
Barry acknowledged Chris Edmonds's wedding anniversary and the upcoming birthdays of Trish and Dave.
After the usual Bunyip roundup, there was lots of friendly banter and pp Steve was the focus of the evening.   
The usual Bunyip roundup and entertaining quotes and jokes followed.
Dave then  introduced tonight’s  Guest speaker Derick Winterbottom for his talk aptly titled "Around the Bend"
Derick started his career as an apprentice in England in 1958. He had to qualify 3 times because of moving. First in the North of England then when he first moved to Australia in NSW, then again on moving to South Australia-none of his previous qualifications were recognised. He joked hoping he wouldn’t have to do it again.
Plumbing is about water and sanitation and plumbing in England came about after Doctor John Snow discovered during the 1854 outbreak of Cholera in London that the disease was being spread by a public water pump. Prior to this people believed it was transferred through the air. After investigating the water he found it was riddled with disease. From this point Plumbing in England was born.
In the early years, the pipes were lead and you were classed as a top tradesman if you could do a lead join. The joins are now much easier and those skills have been lost due to the change in materials. However, new skills must be learned to keep up with the changes. These days pipes are crimped by a machine which is a great timesaver
Derick spent six months in Antarctica this was a wonderful experience. Not just plumbing but the opportunity to take part in some great experiences. He travelled over on the Ice Breaker Aurora Australis, Flying in a helicopter and doing manoeuvres which made him sick (but he enjoyed it all the same and went back for more!) Seeing the prolific wildlife including seeing 16 killer whales breeching up close.
In Antarctica pipes cannot run along the ground otherwise they would freeze. The are instead placed on a rack above the ice and are very insulated. An electrician inserts a heater under the insulation so if the water does start freezing, they can turn it on to help it run freely.
The snow is collected and dumped into a hole (like a swimming pool) then warmed up, so it melts before being pumped from there to use as water. At the end of the building there is a water treatment plant that filters the water before pumping clean water back out to sea. The penguins love it-warm water coming out is like their personal spa.
When Derick arrived in Antarctica he wondered why there were no gutters on the buildings before realising that the snow and ice is so heavy that when falls of the roof it would just rip them off!
In the question-and-answer session following Mark Forgie alerted members to a TV show called “7 wonders of the industrial world and recommended everyone to try and watch the episode on the London Sewers which he found fascinating.
NOTE from the editor,  My apologies for omitting Glenice Hatcher from the birthday list in an earlier bulletin. Glenice celebrated her birthday on the 8th of March. A BIG happy birthday Glenice. 
Dave Griffiths & Derick Winterbottom
Shirley Halls & Mark
Happy "Farm Day" smiles from Ian, Julie & Michelle 
Setting up for the Relay for Life 

Partners and guests are most welcome

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