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 I hope you are all well and have had a great week.
 An update on Bob Ahrens that he is now back at Southern Cross Care and we will hopefully be able to start visiting him soon which I know you are all very keen to do but please be patient and we will let you all know when Bob is well enough, and the time is right.
 Just a reminder that we have quite a few events over the coming months so keep an eye on the bulletin dairy dates that Stan includes and in particular the Area 6 Dinner Event we are hosting as we really would like all our members and their partners to attend so please use the link sent out by Michael Jacob and book in as soon as you can.
 The invite also extends to family and friends if you would like to book a table and enjoy a great night.
Quote of the week
“Roads were made for journeys not destinations”
Report on Meeting  3087 – September 20th, 2021
 The meeting was attended by 29 members plus Honorary member Peter Nettelbeck and guest speaker Margaret Crohn.
Chairman for the evening was Tom Kelly
Tom Kelly
and apologies were received from Bob Ahrens, Anthony Barilla, Colin Bazeley, Helen Bourne, and Patsy Johnson.
Rotary spots were:
  • Stan Roulston informed that the new Bulletin Cover was available with updated names and phone numbers. Secretary Michael will email to members, and hard copies are at the door or those without computers or printers as well as being obtained from Treasurer Kim.
  • Bruce Eastick’s request for nominations for the Care & Share board vacancies was responded to by Wayne Murphy and President Mark.
  • Steve Barilla reported that the food stall at Sunday’s swapmeet had been a success despite numbers selling and attending being done slightly. He attributed this probably to the Covid restrictions requiring food to be eaten sitting down and many sellers needed to be standing at their site. Total takings were $1345, however half the food bought in was not sold, and loaves and rolls were available for members to purchase after the meeting with the remainder to be stored for next week’s Community Springback Fair. He named and thanked the 18 members who set up and took down the stalls and cooked and served over the two shifts.           He went on to confirm the arrangements for the Community Springback Fair. He got assurances from those doing shifts and called for 6 more volunteers to set up and remove the 16 shelters ordered, which he got.
  • Dino Donati the Rotary Foundation director informed that Gabbi Barilla, Steve & Grace’s daughter is attending RYLA this week. Dina and wife Julia will be at the RYLA Presentation dinner in Adelaide on Thursday evening. Tom Kelly’s son Nick will be on the One & All Youth sailing trip starting for a week this Sunday. Both Gabbi and Nick will be asked to talk about their experiences at a later meeting.
  • President Mark gave an update on Bob Ahrens that Bob is at Southern Cross Respite, Gawler East. He is at his best in the mornings and hopefully will soon improve for the pm. Marj will let Mark know when Bob is ready for visitors but be aware that Covid restrictions at SC only permit two visitors at a time and with Bob’s popularity Marj will probably have to let Mark know when it is convenient.                                               
 The barrel roll winners were Stan Roulston and Ian Sanders. Sgt Barry conducted another humorous session with jokes and roasting those members whose photos appeared in the Bunyip newspaper.  The fines session money was donated to Guide Dogs for the Blind.
Chairman Tom introduced Guest speaker Margaret Crohn to speak on guide dogs and the role they play in the Royal Society for the Blind.
At the end of her talk guest speaker was presented with a certificate and informed that a donation would be made to vaccinate 40 children through Rotary’s PolioPlus program.
Finally, President Mark thanked all for attending, called for the Rotary 4-way test to be repeated before closing the meeting.

Some Rotary Projects

A shortlist projects our club wishes to concentrate our support on this year.
- click on heading to link for more information
Polio Eradication: Polio is a crippling and potentially fatal infectious disease with no cure. The strategy to eradicate polio is therefore based on preventing infection by immunizing every child worldwide until transmission stops and the world is polio-free.
Operation Cleft: - provides free cleft repair surgery for underprivileged children in Bangladesh. Many are ostracized by society, also suffer ear, nose, and throat infections, depression, and malnutrition. Surgery provides an opportunity for a normal life, an education, and to reach their full potential as contributing members of their community.
ShelterBox: responds instantly to natural and manmade disasters by delivering boxes of aid to those who are most in need. Each box supplies an extended family (up to 10 people) with a tent and essential equipment to use while they are displaced or homeless.
Interplast Australia & New Zealand: provides access to life-changing reconstructive surgery and related medical services to those in need across the Asia Pacific region, with a focus on facilitating medical training and mentoring for in-country medical personnel by supporting and building the capacity of local health services.
R.A.M. – Rotarians Against Malaria: Objective: “The prevention of mortality, and a reduction in morbidity and social and economic loss caused by malaria through a progressive improvement and strengthening of local and national capabilities in malaria control.”
S.W.S.L. – Save Water Save Lives:  Encompasses the provision of water, water catchment, reticulation, and the construction of a variety of water tanks.  50% of the world’s population does not have ready access to safe drinking water – water-related diseases may claim as many as 25 million lives a year.
R.O.M.A.C. – Rotary Oceania Medical Aid (for) Children: ROMAC brings children under the age of 15 from developing countries to Australia for often life-threatening and dignity restoring surgeries not available in their home country.
D.I.K. – Donations in Kind: Provides donated equipment and material in two main areas – Education and Health. Container freight costs are met by contribution/donations. Every $1 donation results in $50 of goods delivering hope to needy communities.
A.R.H. – Australian Rotary Health: provides Research Scholarship in focus areas - Mental Health, Indigenous Health, Rural Medical & Nursing, also, Research Grants and PhD Scholarships in a broad range of general health areas including cancer, heart disease, children’s health, motor neuron disease, diabetes and more.
Rywell recognises that some of our youth are quite disadvantaged as a result of family circumstances and seeks to provide them with opportunities for enjoyable recreational activities. The Committee has formed a liaison with Families SA over recent years to organise holiday programs of activities for young people who live in Government Accommodation Units under the responsibility of the Minister.
Please nominate one of these projects for the fines box when you are Chairing the meeting
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Members of the Rotary Club of Gawler should either:

  1. reply to the weekly email Attendance & Meal form

  2. or call or sms on 0437 759 256 before 10.00am Mondays.

Failure will be taken to be an apology and no meal will be ordered.

Visiting Rotarians and others should call or sms on 0437 759 256 before 10.00am Mondays.

  • Committee Meetings – please notify your host by 10.00am of the meeting day if you are unable to attend an in-home Committee Meeting.

Club Almoner – PP Mike Williams   0407 605 354

Bulletin Editor – Stan Roulston        8523 0158, 0439 305 389

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