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19th April 2021

If you want to build a team - share a meal together. 

Meeting 3067- 19th April 2021
CHAIRMAN                  Mark Forgie
AGENDA                      Committee Meetings
ANZAC THEME dress up if you can
LOYAL TOAST              Brian Burt
PLAQUES                    Alan Harris
BIRTHDAYS                  Leanne Clinch 22nd April, Janet Done 24th April.
             Kevin Clarke 1st May
INDUCTIONS                None
DIARY DATES           21st Apr. Centenary of Rotary in Australia
                               21st Apr. Drought Outreach, Angaston Town Hall, 9-1pm 
                               28th Jun. Club changeover dinner


Hope you are all well and enjoyed our last week’s guest speaker Nick Sterenberg and his story on the history of the Coopers Family and the success of a fantastic South Australian business.
 This week is Committees Night so please try and get along as your Directors have a lot happening and we need your support.
 Anzac Day is on Sunday 26th April and we have a public holiday on Monday 27th April, so just a reminder to all we do not have a Club Meeting that night.
 The next Club Meeting will be on Monday 3rd May and our Guest Speaker is Peter Gapp, Rotary RYWEL Chairman so put this in you diary and come along.
Quote of the week
Every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams, or wake up and chase them
         Report on Meeting  3066 – April 12th 
   In addition to the 28 club members at the meeting, there was guest speaker Nick Sterenberg and Honorary member Peter Nettelbeck. Other guests were Kathy Heinrich’s husband Peter, and Angela Moore’s parents Alan and Mary Holland. Apologies were recorded from Lance Hatcher, John Lyons, Kevin Clarke, Tom Kelly and Julie Tekell.
   President Mark replaced Kathy Heinrich as Chairman and called for a minute’s silenced as a mark of respect to the death of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.
Rotary spots were as follows:
  • Patsy Johnson called for sponsors & donations to the Rotary Health Ride & Walk,
  • Michael Jacob spoke to the club being involved in the Drought Community Outreach Program event at Angaston on 21st April, and Colin Bazeley called for volunteers to help.
  • Kim Potger reported on the success of selling hot dogs and steak sandwiches at the Barossa Airshow that raised $2959.47.
            The queue to our Rotary Airshow stall went out of sight.
   The fines session acknowledged the birthdays of Deb Williams, Ros Edmunds and Vicky Hinderwell. The barrel roll winners were Trish Williams and Ian Sanders.
   President Mark introduced Nick Sterenberg to speak on the history of Coopers Brewery, and at the end of Nick’s talk he presented him with a certificate of appreciation and informed Nick that to mark the occasion a donation would be made to PolioPlus to vaccinate children.
   The meeting closed with President Mark thanking the guests for their attendance, and the Rotary 4-way test being recited.                          
Nick Sterenberg is the Operations Manager at Coopers Brewery, and holds degrees; in Malting and Brewing, Business Administration, and Applied Biology.
   Nick started at Coopers in 1993 after many years of experience in the Brewing Industry of the U.K. and Australia. At Coopers he has held several managing roles in the brewing, technical, and human resources departments.
His talk told the history of Thomas Cooper and how Coopers Brewery came about.
   Thomas Cooper, who went on to found Coopers Brewery company, was born in 1826. His parents died when he was young and he was raised by his sister Ann. He began work apprenticed to a shoe-maker, followed by work as a stone mason.
In 1849 he married Ann Brown and in 1852 the family emigrated to South Australia on the SS Omega. Their first home was a rented two-room cottage in the then village of Kensington.
In Australia, Thomas worked initially as a shoemaker, also as a mason, and then as a dairyman. Meanwhile, Ann bore four more children, and in 1856 he purchased land in George Street, Norwood where he built a house. He resurrected a family recipe to create a tonic for his ailing wife. The ale he brewed turned out to be less of a medicinal miracle and more of a flavourful beer. It soon became popular among the sick, as well as the healthy.
  The brewery began as a business in 1862 when Thomas brewed his first recorded batch. He did all the work himself (purchasing, calling for orders, brewing, washing, filling, corking and wiring the bottles, delivering the finished product), while continuing to attend the cows, run the dairy, and do the daily milk deliveries.
Towards the end of 1862 Thomas realised that to make a living as a brewer, he would need to increase his brewing capacity, so he mortgaged his property and built a new brewhouse. In January 1863 he sold his cows and the milk delivery run.
   In Adelaide, there was a lot of competition, but Thomas's ale was unique in that he used no sugar. Consequently, deemed to being “pure”, Doctors recommend it to their patients. Despite being one of the smaller South Australian brewers, Thomas gained a reputation for quality. By 1867 he had over 120 customers, even though at the time he did not supply public houses, "apparently because it was against his strong Methodist principles". In 1881 the brewery relocated to larger, commercial facilities at Leabrook.
   Ann bore four more children before dying suddenly in 1872: She was survived by all five of her sons, and two of her six daughters. Thomas then remarried Sarah Louisa Perry in 1874, who bore him eight children, and when he died in 1897, he was survived by his wife, and nine of all his nineteen children.
   Thomas marrying twice led to two branches of the family owning the business, known as the "A side" (Ann’s children) and "B side" (Sarah’s offspring). This has resulted in the company having multiple classes of shares with separate voting rights, and the family sides having equal representation on the board of management.
   The modern brewing plant equipped with the latest bottling and packaging machinery was completed at Regency Park in 2001, and all operations at Leabrook ceased.
   To date, six generations of the family have been involved in the brewery. In addition to those who served as Partners and/or Directors, many other family members have worked in the brewery.
Member Profile
Kim PotgerAge: 65
Place of birth: Perth W.A.
Place of growing up: Perth & Elizabeth
Partner: Sue
Present place of residence: Lyndoch
Education: B.A. Pharmacy,1977
Previous occupation: Pharmacist
Leisure interests: Cooking, gardening, wine      
Just a thought:
Untidy librarians should be ashamed of them shelves.

Some Rotary Projects

A shortlist projects our club wishes to concentrate our support on this year.
- click on heading to link for more information
Polio Eradication: Polio is a crippling and potentially fatal infectious disease with no cure. The strategy to eradicate polio is therefore based on preventing infection by immunizing every child worldwide until transmission stops and the world is polio-free.
Operation Cleft: - provides free cleft repair surgery for underprivileged children in Bangladesh. Many are ostracized by society, also suffer ear, nose, and throat infections, depression, and malnutrition. Surgery provides an opportunity for a normal life, an education, and to reach their full potential as contributing members of their community.
ShelterBox: responds instantly to natural and manmade disasters by delivering boxes of aid to those who are most in need. Each box supplies an extended family (up to 10 people) with a tent and essential equipment to use while they are displaced or homeless.
Interplast Australia & New Zealand: provides access to life-changing reconstructive surgery and related medical services to those in need across the Asia Pacific region, with a focus on facilitating medical training and mentoring for in-country medical personnel by supporting and building the capacity of local health services.
R.A.M. – Rotarians Against Malaria: Objective: “The prevention of mortality, and a reduction in morbidity and social and economic loss caused by malaria through a progressive improvement and strengthening of local and national capabilities in malaria control.”
S.W.S.L. – Save Water Save Lives:  Encompasses the provision of water, water catchment, reticulation, and the construction of a variety of water tanks.  50% of the world’s population does not have ready access to safe drinking water – water-related diseases may claim as many as 25 million lives a year.
R.O.M.A.C. – Rotary Oceania Medical Aid (for) Children: ROMAC brings children under the age of 15 from developing countries to Australia for often life-threatening and dignity restoring surgeries not available in their home country.
D.I.K. – Donations in Kind: Provides donated equipment and material in two main areas – Education and Health. Container freight costs are met by contribution/donations. Every $1 donation results in $50 of goods delivering hope to needy communities.
A.R.H. – Australian Rotary Health: provides Research Scholarship in focus areas - Mental Health, Indigenous Health, Rural Medical & Nursing, also, Research Grants and PhD Scholarships in a broad range of general health areas including cancer, heart disease, children’s health, motor neuron disease, diabetes and more.
Rywell recognises that some of our youth are quite disadvantaged as a result of family circumstances and seeks to provide them with opportunities for enjoyable recreational activities. The Committee has formed a liaison with Families SA over recent years to organise holiday programs of activities for young people who live in Government Accommodation Units under the responsibility of the Minister.
Please nominate one of these projects for the fines box when you are Chairing the meeting
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