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Meeting 3095
22nd November

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22 November
No Speaker AGM 
Alan Murray
Angela  Thurston
U Care
Ron Lloyd
Disease Prevention and Treatment Month
DG Jeff Neale
Rotary International
Mark Smeaton
Tom Kelly
Nicholas Kelly
My Life
Youth Sail  Challenge
Colin Bazeley
Christmas Dinner Meeting
Brian Burt &
Mark Smeaton
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Helen Bourne
December 3
Lance Hatcher
December 8
Geoff Benier
December 10
Mark Smeaton
December 15
Steve Barilla
December 29
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Raelene Benier
December 4
Maureen O'Brien
December 7
Helen Kelly
December 12
Marj Ahrens
December 17
Join Date
Leanne Clinch
December 1, 2003
18 years
Chris Edmunds
December 4, 1995
26 years
Bob Ahola
December 7, 1987
34 years
Helen Bourne
December 8, 2019
2 years
Dino Donati
December 16, 1996
25 years

Presidents Message

Mark Smeaton
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Dear Rotarians

Just want to let you all know that the District Governor Jeff Neale and his wife Jenny were very impressed with our Club and all the great work we are doing in the Community.

They said our Club has a strong culture and it was great to see what we are doing with new memberships and that we are club that continues to grow.

An update on Bob Ahrens that he is doing really well and now using a walking frame and has been doing a few visit to Ahrens office to see all the staff.

If you would like to arrange a visit to Southern Cross just give them a call and make an appointment as I am sure he would like to see you all.

Quote of the week

No one has every become poor by giving


Meeting Report
A very successful AGM was held at meeting 3095. The meeting was opened by Lance Hatcher, loyal toast by Stan Raulston and grace by President mark.
Anthea John was the only guest and apologies were received from Bob Ahrens, Patsy Johnson and Daniel Barret.
There was no guest speaker tonight due to AGM.
Barry Stewart presented his usual Sergeants session with Lance indicating that the fines to go to the Gawler District Quality of Life Foundation.
The wheel spin first prize winner was Michael Jacob and Anthea won the surprise bag of Rotary collectables.
Lance opened the AGM with the reading of the minutes from last years AGM held on 23rd of November 2020. Moved by Mike Williams and seconded by Julie Tekell that these be adopted as true and correct. Carried.
Lance then invited Directors to give a brief report of their year to the meeting.
Kim Potger -Treasurer
The balance sheets were tabled for everyone to look at. Kim informed everyone that they were not audited due to the Auditor being in lockdown in Victoria but should be done next month when he is allowed back over the border. Kim assured everyone that the books do balance.  COVID has had a huge impact on this club, as it's done with a lot of other situations in the fact is hard to raise funds. Despite this we still have a healthy balance. Moved by John Lyons and seconded by Leanne that the financial report be accepted subject to audit- Carried.
Michael Jacob -Secretary
Michael reported to the group that everything was running from the secretary’s side of things and the emails with meal selection etc was working with only a couple of issues that have been fixed. He also announced the new bulletin new Bulletin editor was Angela Moore who had taken over from Stan and that she was still learning some of the processes.
Steve Barilla- Projects
Steve opened by thanking everyone again for the show parking and acknowledged that this year was very different, and Saturday was very quiet in our allotted area but Sunday made up for it. Lots of great fellowship was had as well as parking cars!
He Further acknowledged that fund raising was very difficult this year but we are not alone it is difficult for everyone. The Movie night was a big success, and this is something that would be suggested again in the future. It has shown that we need to adapt and move forward with new ideas. We still have lots of small projects but the big projects we are committed to still are the Black Ops shed, the CFSA squadron relocation, Gawler Caravan Park,  and the final Gawler hospital TV replacement. The shed has been cleaned and sorted and now we need to finish off the inventory so we can hire out items.
President Elect Kathy Heinrich-Admin
Kathy admitted she has been on a learning curve but thanked the board and in particular PP Steve and Pres Mark for taking her under their wings and guiding and helping her by answering lots of questions. From the admin side of things, meals and attendance continue to go really well, On average, we're getting about 30 people at our meals each week, We had our area six dinner, which was well represented by everybody. At the moment, we're currently working on the Christmas dinner. It will be upstairs. $40 ahead, Salvation Army will be coming to talk to us and we will be looking at donations for the children as well, please as well as auction items. Other than that, we've got our bowling night on the 10th January which is normally a lot of fun. One area that we do really need help with please is guest speakers, because the program's looking a little light on next year. Any suggestions are really welcomed.
Barry Stewart -Membership
This club is on a growth phase with our first corporate membership and three individual members inducted in the last 12 months and a fourth person who's considering joining. The scheduled corporate membership breakfast, had to be postponed but will go ahead in the new year with the membership committee focusing on a presentation pack that we can give to our corporate members so they feel that they are part of our group, even though not all of them will attend. They can display something in their foyer to identify that they're part of our club. The club currently stands at 35 . Heembers.  Thanks to Brian Burt we have had 48 articles and 137 photos published in the Bunyip since the last AGM.
Dino Donati-Foundation
With the hold on Youth Exchange programs we are not likely to have an exchange student again next year. However, during the past year we have sponsored Gabby Barilla to attend RYLA and Nick Kelly on the One and All. We have completed our three-year commitment to Indigenous Health Scholar Montanna. We have donated $6000 to End Polio this year with contributions from fines, the Bond movie, the Gawler Cup greyhounds gate, the Centurion donations, and a portion of the Kingsford change-over dinner. The coming year we need to work more closely with schools to attract youth to take part in opportunities. We have the End Polio Ute available to us in January so will be looking at ways to best utilise it because the Saturdays have already been taken by other clubs. We will be required to sell raffle tickets however.
Mark Smeaton-President
Mark thanked the club and in particular the Directors for their commitment and support over the last 2 years. He appreciated the opportunity to have a second year because the first was a steep learning curve and has learned a lot about Rotary and how things work. The second year he had learned to ‘share the load’ with his Directors There is still a lot to do but believes we have a great future. Pres Mark highlighted some of the great things that each director has done
  • Michael Jacob has set up lots of online processes including electronic payments and booking systems.
  • Kim Potger keeping on top of accounts and making sure we stay in the black
  • Barry Stewart- new member drive and although we have lost a couple of members but it is mainly due to age and health.
  • Kathy Heinrich a great job as admin director and looking forward to seeing her as President. She has so much enthusiasm and a lot to offer the club.
  • Steve for the fundraising commitments and the ongoing projects. These have been fun and showed great camaraderie but importantly has allowed us to maintain a presence in the community.
  •  Dino for maintaining the momentum despite the halt on the Youth Exchange Program.
  • Special mention to Ron Lloyd for his commitment to guest speakers: Brian Burt for maintaining our presence in the Bunyip each week; Chris Edmonds for set up and pack up of meeting nights; Leanne Clinch, Bob Hinderwell and Geoff Bennier for maintaining the attendance table each week and Leanne for looking after the meal selection, getting the link out to everyone , then making sure it gets to Nixon’s on time Thanks also to Nixon’s staff for their effort each week.
Mark remains passionate about Rotary, the people in Rotary and our club. He looks forward to continuing as president for the next 6 months but also excited to be working with the new president and board from next year.
Announcement of New board.
Office Bearers:
Nominations were submitted in electronic form as well as the traditional paper form. The following positions were filled by nomination and as there were only 1 nomination for each there does not need to be an election. Each person nominated has agreed to the nomination and was elected
  • Kathy Heinrich as president elect will automatically take the role of President
  • Mark Smeaton will become immediate past president and will remain on the board-2 year term
  • Kim Potger - Treasurer
  • Michael Jacob -Secretary
  • John Lyons- President Elect.
  • Directors:
  • Steve Barilla -2-year term
  • Dino Donati-1 year term
  • Barry Stewart- 1 year term
  • Angela Moore-2 Year term
Lance thanked everyone for their attendance and closed the AGM before handing back to Mark for closing.
Mark reminded everyone to look out for the email invitation for the Christmas dinner and urged everyone to bring family and friends. Also, a reminder about Saturday night’s One and All dinner cruise. Mark led everyone in the Four Way test before closing meeting 3095 and moving to Committee meetings.

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