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Meeting 3055 - 21st December 2020

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Christmas Dinner

CHAIRMAN                            President Mark 
SPEAKER                               Darren Cox, Capt. Salvation Army
TOPIC                                   Christmas message
PLAQUES                              Trish Willams
LOYAL TOAST                        Lance Hatcher
BIRTHDAYS                           29th Dec Steve Barilla, 31st Dec Carleen Sanders
ANNIVERSARIES                    None
DIARY DATES                         25th Jan  Bowls Night
                                              1st Feb  Port River Dinner Cruise discussion
                          21st Apr   Centenary of Rotary in Australia


Christmas is a time for giving so I thought I would share with you some ideas on what we can do that shows the true values of a Rotarian.
1.      Donate a toy to a charity
2.      Visit a nursing home and sing Christmas carols
3.      Volunteer at a homeless shelter
4.      Donate blankets and towels to an animal shelter
5.      Leave a “thank you” note to your mail carrier
6.      Invite someone you suspect to be alone to join you for Christmas day
7.      Send care packages or holiday cards to troops overseas
With this I would like to wish all of our members and their families a safe and wonderful Christmas, and I look forward to seeing you all again in the New Year.
“Quote of the week”
“Peace on earth will come to stay, when we live Christmas every day
Report on Meeting 3054 – December 7th
The meeting attendance of 32 comprised 29 Rotarians and guests Janine Panagioto, and Anthony and Nikita Page.  Apologies were acknowledged from Julie Tekell, Dino Donati and Wayne Murphy.
Chairman for the evening was Colin Bazeley who called Dave Griffiths for a Rotary spot.
Dave introduced Nikita Page as being sponsored by the club to attend the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) in Canberra. Nikita responded by saying how she was looking forward to going, and hoped it might give her some idea of future career choices. (Incidentally it has been discovered that in 1990, Nikita’s mother (then Anna Neldner) was sponsored by the club to attend the forerunner of NYSF as the National Summer Science School in Canberra).
The fines secession opened with barrel roll winners being Leanne Clinch and Brian Burt. Fines Sgt. Barry Stewart drew attention to the similarity in haircuts of President Mark and Bob Hinderwell, before conducting a “You are what You Eat” routine of guessing the meal choices of members. The fines money was donated to Rotary Against Malaria.
Member Angela Moore was introduced to talk on changing beginner students’ negative attitude to mathematics. She was presented with a certificate of appreciation acknowledging a donation to Polio Plus that would provide for the vaccination of 45 children.
President Mark encouraged members to bring friends, families and guests to next week’s Christmas Dinner meeting and called for donation of items for auctioning would be welcome.
The meeting closed with the reciting of the 4-way test.

Dave Griffiths, Nikita & Anthony Page and President Mark

Colin Bazeley with fellow club member & guest speaker Angela Moore

Changing Reception Students Attitude to Mathematics
Angela Moore is teacher at Two Wells Primary School who undertook a project that would give a structured approach to creating change in reception students’ from negative beliefs and attitude regarding mathematics into positive ones.
Two relevant quotes:
Dowker, Cheriton, Horton & Mark 2019 “Primary school children’s attitudes to mathematics tend to be positive but that they deteriorate with age during childhood and adolescence”
Author Jo Boaler, “Mathematics, more than any other subject, has the power to crush students’ spirits, and many adults do not move on from mathematics experiences in school if they are negative.”
The project was set in the context of her school being a semi-rural R-7 school, classified as category 5 in the 1 to 9 Index of Educational Disadvantage for SA Government schools. 
In general, the thrust of the project was to encourage teachers to play with maths and introduce elements of fun to maths. The method adopted was structured in a 6-stage cyclic flowchart that incorporated a survey at the start of each cycle.

The survey classified a list of attitudes to be assessed in grades of: ‘agreed’ ‘not sure’ or ‘disagreed’.  The results were extrapolated into pre-intervention and post-intervention tables to give evidence of collective change in attitudes.
The results showed that the students became more engaged in maths and that maths doesn’t just happen when being taught in school. They develop a better understanding that maths is used in different ways across lots of subjects. The students began pointing out other occasions where maths is involved.
The conclusion drawn was that young children’s beliefs and attitudes to maths can be changed for the positive if they receive consistent supporting messages and are given engaging experiences.
Name: Lance Hatcher
Age: 82
Place of birth: Loxton SA
Place of growing up: Gawler River area
Wife: Glenice
Present place of residence: Gawler East
Academic information: Qualified Accountant
Present occupation: Public accountant
Previous vocation: Local Government C.E.O.
Leisure interest: Golf
Change banks if you’re losing interest.

Some Rotary Projects

A shortlist projects our club wishes to concentrate our support on this year.
- click on heading to link for more information
Polio Eradication: Polio is a crippling and potentially fatal infectious disease with no cure. The strategy to eradicate polio is therefore based on preventing infection by immunizing every child worldwide until transmission stops and the world is polio-free.
Operation Cleft: - provides free cleft repair surgery for underprivileged children in Bangladesh. Many are ostracized by society, also suffer ear, nose, and throat infections, depression, and malnutrition. Surgery provides an opportunity for a normal life, an education, and to reach their full potential as contributing members of their community.
ShelterBox: responds instantly to natural and manmade disasters by delivering boxes of aid to those who are most in need. Each box supplies an extended family (up to 10 people) with a tent and essential equipment to use while they are displaced or homeless.
Interplast Australia & New Zealand: provides access to life-changing reconstructive surgery and related medical services to those in need across the Asia Pacific region, with a focus on facilitating medical training and mentoring for in-country medical personnel by supporting and building the capacity of local health services.
R.A.M. – Rotarians Against Malaria: Objective: “The prevention of mortality, and a reduction in morbidity and social and economic loss caused by malaria through a progressive improvement and strengthening of local and national capabilities in malaria control.”
S.W.S.L. – Save Water Save Lives:  Encompasses the provision of water, water catchment, reticulation, and the construction of a variety of water tanks.  50% of the world’s population does not have ready access to safe drinking water – water-related diseases may claim as many as 25 million lives a year.
R.O.M.A.C. – Rotary Oceania Medical Aid (for) Children: ROMAC brings children under the age of 15 from developing countries to Australia for often life-threatening and dignity restoring surgeries not available in their home country.
D.I.K. – Donations in Kind: Provides donated equipment and material in two main areas – Education and Health. Container freight costs are met by contribution/donations. Every $1 donation results in $50 of goods delivering hope to needy communities.
A.R.H. – Australian Rotary Health: provides Research Scholarship in focus areas - Mental Health, Indigenous Health, Rural Medical & Nursing, also, Research Grants and PhD Scholarships in a broad range of general health areas including cancer, heart disease, children’s health, motor neuron disease, diabetes and more.
Rywell recognises that some of our youth are quite disadvantaged as a result of family circumstances and seeks to provide them with opportunities for enjoyable recreational activities. The Committee has formed a liaison with Families SA over recent years to organise holiday programs of activities for young people who live in Government Accommodation Units under the responsibility of the Minister.
Please nominate one of these projects for the fines box when you are Chairing the meeting
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