BULLETIN 24 November 2019 

District Governor: Jane Owens
Club President: Steve Barilla
Club Secretary: Marie-louise Lees (
“Together we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change -
across the globe, in our communities and in our lives.”
Monday 25th November - Meeting 3020
Club Annual General Meeting - Link to Nomination Form for Club Officers
Chair /Toast: PP Lance Hatcher
Plaques / Fellowship :  PP Tony Atye0
Induction Anniversaries Marie-louise Lees 5/11/2012, Stan Roulston 5/11/2007. Tony Atyeo 7/11/1977, Ian Sanders 30/11/75, Leanne Clinch 1/12/2003
Birthdays Colin Bazeley 29/11
Monday 2nd December 2019 - Meeting 3021
Committee Meetings
Chair/Toast Geoff Benier
Plaques/Fellowship PP Colin Bazeley
Monday 9th December 2019- Meeting 3022
Guest Speaker Rosy Olbrycht
Subject Citizen Advocacy
Chair/Toast Mark Forgie
Plaques/Fellowship PP Brian Burt
Monday 16th December 2019 - Meeting 3023
Christmas Dinner - Partner's night
Encouragement is the oxygen of the soul.
Money will not buy happiness, but it will let you be unhappy in nice places.
The secret to happiness is not to do what makes you happy,
it’s to be happy doing what you’re already doing.
All of us could learn a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.
Love is an endless act of forgiveness.
Love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.
If it weren’t for the last minute nothing would ever get done.
Meetings, unless otherwise noted are 6 for 6:30pm at Gawler Sport and Recreation Centre,
Nixon Terrace Gawler. RSVP by 10am Monday morning by SMS only to 0437 759 256
Gawler & Barossa Jockey Club Gate:  4 Dec, 21 Dec, 27 Dec, 19 Jan, 29 Jan
District Conference - 3-5 April 2020, Whyalla.
  Earlybird Packages close 1 Dec. 

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Monday 4th November – Meeting 3017
Guests: Marj Ahrens (guest of PP Bob), Grace Barilla (President Steve), Helen Bourne (PP Patsy)
Big welcome back to PP Julie Tekell
PP Kim Potger – advised interested parties that the wine from the Clare Rotary club would be arriving soon and will be available for pick up
PP Lance Hatcher – Village Fair thanks to everyone involved but particular thanks to PP Colin Bazeley.
There will be further discussion on some aspects of the organisation on the day. Not all went as planned but problems were solved and the day was ultimately successful.
PP Brian Burt – along with Angela Moore and Marion and Ray Noack, collected gold coin donations from the public at the Greyhound Gawler Cup meeting. A tidy sum was collected (not yet counted). A free meal at the club was appreciated.
The club has been thanked for the welcome and hospitality afforded the Premier Steve Marshall during his visit to open the Village Fair on Saturday.
PP Patsy Johnson – thanked members and other volunteers who assisted with the Youth Art show at the Village Fair. Particular thanks to Angela for her major efforts on the day.
Mark Smeaton – gave members details of the transport and catering arrangements for the Coopers Brewery visit on November 18th.  Members were able to pre order their meals and arrange to travel by bus or private vehicle.
President Steve mentioned to the club he has been in contact with the president of the Coolamon RC in NSW and is investigating the proposal to join with them as a sister club. More information to follow.
There is a link to their club website on the emails sent out last week.
Australian Rotary clubs of Australia are accepting donations for their Drought Appeal. Any Bendigo Bank branch will accept donations.
President Steve reminded members of the nomination forms for club office positions in the coming year. Members were asked to consider what contribution they could make to the club as board members or higher office in leadership. The Coopers Brewery club visit will be held on November 18th. Mark Smeaton needs numbers finalised soon. Steve commented primarily on his impressions from the recent Village Fair.  He was generous in his thanks and praise for all members of Gawler and Gawler Light clubs who helped on the day. The Gawler town Band, PP Barry Stewart and PP John Bolton were thanked for their contributions. PP Colin and his committee, PP Julie and David Tekell, PP Klaus Retelsdorf, PP Brian Burt and PP Patsy and the Youth Art Show team were congratulated on their efforts. The premier Steven Marshall was thanked for his contribution to the day. Angela and Brian were thanked for their efforts at the Greyhound club meeting collection donations. A reminder to all members to consider their nominations for club officer positions to be resolved on November 25th at the AGM
Guest Speaker – Mayor of Playford Glenn Docherty
Glenn gave a very interesting address to the meeting as he outlined the demographics of the very diverse communities which make up the Playford Council area. Multiple countries and cultures are represented and a mixture of urban and rural regions makes for a unique community. It is a young community with 46% under 35 and a median age of 32. A detailed account of the recent developments and the planning considerations for the future gives a picture of a city going places with a very optimistic view of the future.
Many major projects have been completed in recent times and the current and future developments look to set Playford apart as a progressive community well and truly on the move.
Monday 18th November – Meeting 3019 - Vocational Visit Cooper's Brewery
Club Visit:  Multiple guests and visitors attended the club visit to the Coopers organisation.
Dinner at the Coopers Ale House was followed by a tour of the Coopers Brewery complex at Regency Park.
Members of the Rotary Clubs of Gawler, Gawler Light and Prospect along with interested friends enjoyed a very enlightening visit.
Chairman Mark presented a power point and video presentation of the planning and construction of the Malting plant which has been operational for the past year. The Ahrens group were an essential part of the project.  Two years in the planning and a project cost in the $70 million region the plant has been a great success for the company. The long term association of the Coopers and Ahrens companies has contributed to the success of this and other projects.
A tour of the facility gave access to the malting facility, the brewing area, the fermentation area and the bottling and packaging plant. With a team of friendly and knowledgeable guides the club was well informed and entertained. The complementary drinks after the tour were also well received.
Apart from the beer being recognised worldwide as an excellent product, the company philosophy is one to embrace. How good it is to recognise an outstanding family business success story. I am sure everyone came away with a positive opinion even if you don’t drink the beer.
Many thanks to Mark Smeaton and the Coopers team for an outstanding experience.
Mark Forgie about to tackle "Yoda for One" at the Cooper's Ale House 
Company Founder Thomas Cooper Statue Outside the Brewery
Rotarians being educated by the wonderful Cooper's staff who
gave up their time to take the tours after hours
Bottling line - with distinctive green tops of Pale Ale on the line
Historic Vehicles in the museum
Mark Smeaton and President Steve Barilla thanking Cooper's Operation's Manager Nick Sterenberg
for an enjoyable and educational evening
It has been 16 months since members of the Rotary Club of Bordertown started a plan for the biggest project in the 50 year history of the club. They undertook to build 2 classrooms at Glasgow Estate Tamil School in the Hills of country Sri Lanka.
“We started on a small scale and returned to have community consultation and assess the needs of the school,” said then club president, Rose Milton. “We also took sports and education equipment, musical instruments and second-hand uniforms for students.”
“The poorly equipped school had no electricity or running water and the lack of classrooms made teaching and learning difficult. We wanted to give students a better opportunity for education, so we decided to build the classrooms. We paid the small amount to fix the water system and toilets.”
Within 3 months the club held a Sri Lankan Banquet and Auction raising Aus $12,000. Further efforts and donations by Rotarians and friends made the total Aus $32,000. Bordertown Rotarian Sathu Vallavanpillai, a Sri Lankan refugee and former Glasgow Estate student was the link in the project galvanising a team of people in Sri Lanka , including  an engineer, who generously volunteered his time. This meant that the full amount of funds was directed towards the build and allowed the project to get underway without delay.
The building project continued in a race to beat rains in May and Sathu’s brother sent progress photos every few days. Despite difficulties in a foreign country, foreign currency and different language, all ran smoothly because of Sathu who kept up to date with every stage. He understood what was needed and worked as translator and project manager in Bordertown. It made him happy to help the people he had left behind in his home town.
The classrooms were officially opened in July 2019, when Rose and husband David, along with fellow club members John and Karren Hunt, travelled to the school for the handover of the buildings. Rotarians are continuing with fundraising to provide desks and chairs for the 80 students and 2 teachers and other classroom equipment as it is needed.
The Rotary Club of Dickoya, Sri Lanka, has also come on board and agreed to provide a water purification system for the school. “We thank everyone who has generously supported our project so far,”
Rose said. “Residents of the Tatiara region have shown a lot of compassion for our Sri Lankan friends. Historically, the country has had many problems to overcome. Everyone is excited with what we are doing for the school.
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